What is Blokeilates?

To put it simply – it’s pilates for men online. It is designed by a physiotherapist and it can be done anywhere, anytime. 

Be Flexible

It’s probably safe to say that us blokes aren’t always known for our flexibility. Blokeilates makes you aware of your body and its limitations, making you move through those problem areas to gain a greater range of motion. Our exercises have been specifically chosen to provide men with the opportunity to increase their flexibility from head to toe. 

Be Strong

Strength doesn’t always mean lifting heavy. Blokeilates makes you reconsider what it means to be strong and what the purpose of strength is in our day to day lives. Rather than just working the same old muscles, Blokeilates includes a range of exercises that will increase you strength in parts of your body that you may have been neglecting. 

Be In Control

The only thing better than recovering from an injury is never getting one in the first place. Injury prevention is one of the major considerations of the Blokeilates program. With better body awareness comes a greater ability to prevent injuries before they happen. This means you can keep doing the things you love without always “pulling up sore”.                     

Mat Pilates

Is Blokeilates right for you?

We know men today are busier than ever, that is why we know the importance of being able to fit in exercise wherever you can, whenever you can. Our online course can be done anywhere, anytime with no equipment needed. 

Classes are designed with over 100 mat Pilates videos, built in to a progressive 8 week program.  Five days a week you will have access to a new 20-30 minute Pilates class that you can do when it suits you!

"I never thought I had the time to fit Pilates in. But with Blokeilates I can do it when it suits me. And knowing that it was created by a Physiotherapist gives me the confidence that I will get the results I'm looking for"
“I have some back injuries and it’s important for me to keep my core strong to allow me to enjoy an active life so Blokeilates was perfect for my recent ski trip as you really can do it anywhere!”
"Blokeilates is fantastic! I an fit it in where and when I want, at the gym, at home or on the road. Even more importantly are the one percenters you gain... more balance, more control and more flexibility. I can't wait for the next installment!"

Meet Dane

Physiotherapist I Clinical Pilates Instructor I All Round Top Bloke

Have you ever noticed your body becoming stiffer, sorer, or a bit soft?  Maybe you’ve got an office-boy back from being hunched over a desk all day, or your struggling to move around the work site with the ease and grace that you once had?  Hey, I’m Dane and I’m just like you.

After searching for the answer to help me with a lower back issue, I discovered Clinical Pilates.  It also happens that I’m a physiotherapist, and see men coming in to the clinic everyday with pain, stiffness, and a weak (or absent) core.  So given my unique position, I decided to go and get my Clinical Pilates qualification to not only help myself, but to spread the benefits to other blokes just like me.

While running Clinical Pilates in the studio I’ve had the pleasure of helping heaps of people overcome the problems they face.  However, I have begun to notice a problem -the guys who come in love it and keep coming back for more – but for some reason (or many reasons – I get it), theres not many men coming through the door.  

So fellas, this is my attempt to help you unlock the benefits of Pilates, in a bloke-friendly way.

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Ready to get moving?

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